Goodbye Dotfolio...Hello ArtCloud!

NINE dot ARTS is phasing out Dotfolio and transitioning to a new partnership with ArtCloud, an all-in-one art marketplace and management system.

If you are an existing dotfolio member, you should have received an invitation email from to claim your FREE ArtCloud account, which will automatically transfer your dotfolio inventory.

If you are not a dotfolio member, click here to learn about the many benefits of ArtCloud and to create your new account!

Gain Exposure

dotfolio© is exclusive to corporate art consultants and streamlines the buying process. Signing up gives you unprecedented exposure to corporate clients around the country, who typically purchase art in bulk.

Hone Your Creativity

We accept artwork of all kinds, no matter the price, size, or creative medium. So keep creating and we’ll keep selling.

Focus on Your Art, Not the Sales

Simply upload your work and we’ll take care of the rest, keeping you informed along the way.

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Brought to you by the nationally recognized art consulting firm NINE dot ARTS, dotfolio is an online platform that makes selling your work easier than ever. By uploading your portfolio, NINE dot ARTS curators can access your artwork and sell it to corporate buyers around the country. We do the selling, and you get more time in the studio.

Sign Up

Answer a few simple questions to create your free profile.

Build Portfolio

Upload images of your artwork.

Stay in the Know

Get notifications when NINE dot ARTS curators plan to sell your work.


NINE dot ARTS transforms ordinary places into one-of-a-kind experiences through the power of original art. With over 900 projects in commercial development across 35 states and five countries, NINE dot ARTS has generated more than $40 million for the creative economy and has sold more art than the MOMA.


It’s not just a core value of our company, but a fundamental way in which we do business. When selling artwork, we hold ourselves accountable to make ethical decisions that protect and prioritize artists’ creative visions and preferred boundaries.


We believe in building connections among artists, businesses, and society at large to create education and community engagement opportunities. We work across identities and expertise to form partnerships that uplift and advance the creative economy.


We believe artists are the backbone of society. From sculptors and chefs to musicians and actors, artists forge ideas into being – sparking conversation, community, movements, and entire phenomena through their creations. We believe that following and fueling passion makes life better for artists and the world better for all.


  • NINE dot ARTS© has sold my work for over five years. I have observed over the years that they aren’t interested in merely hanging art on the wall, getting paid and leaving the job site. Rather, they have a deeply considered vision that is carried out throughout a project and they search out art and artists which speak to their creative goals. This creative process of theirs has forced me to push my art further than I would have on my own or with the other art consultants I work with.

    Paul Brokering, Artist

  • NINE dot ARTS© put me in a higher tax bracket this year. And that’s a really good thing for an artist.

    Phil Bender, Artist

  • I do business with art representatives internationally and have been so impressed by NINE dot ARTS© since the beginning. They have energy, integrity, and a very keen eye. They have a high level of professionalism and a very forward – thinking vision for the business.

    Danae Falliers, Artist

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