dotfolio® works best with Google Chrome and is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

If you’ve made a change to your profile or artwork but don’t see it saved, please give the page time to load. If you still don’t see a change, refresh your page.

For more information about how NINE dot ARTS® uses dotfolio©, check out our blog post.

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Who can see my information?
Only those of us at NINE dot ARTS© can view your information. We will show our clients images in proposal form, but they do not have access to your profile.

How do I delete my dotfolio® account?
Just email us at help@dotfolioart.com and we’ll remove your account from our system.

What happens once my profile is complete?
When your artwork is being considered for placement, you will receive a notification on your profile page. If your artwork is purchased by the client a Purchase Order will appear on your profile page. After viewing the purchase order, you can create and upload an invoice for your artwork.

How do I add additional pricing to a work?
If your artwork upload requires a pricing sheet (for example, what would be needed for various print sizes of a photograph), you can add additional pricing information, by clicking the “Additional Pricing” button in the “Pricing section of the artwork’s edit page. Make sure to still fill out a retail and wholesale price for our quick reference. If your work is considered for a project we will make sure to reference your pricing guide.

How does delivery work?
You are responsible for shipping any Artwork to NINE dot ARTS. NINE dot ARTS will pay for the return shipping if needed. However, Local Artists and galleries will be responsible for transporting Artwork to and from the NINE dot ARTS®’ office. NINE dot ARTS will arrange for any framing, shipping, and delivery to the Client’s site from our office.

What paperwork do I need to submit for selling my artwork on dotfolio®?
When you create a Profile you will be asked to submit a Form W-9, Form W-8BEN or other form that we may be required by the IRS to obtain, and which we use to report payments made to you. If you do not submit the proper IRS required documentation we may not be able to sell your Artwork or pay you. If your Artwork is purchased by or through NINE dot ARTS and you have submitted all required information, including your Form W-9 or Form W-8BEN, you will be asked to submit an invoice to NINE dot ARTS®. NINE dot ARTS® will pay you within 30 days after its receipt of payment from the Client that purchased the Artwork. Payments are typically issued on the next occurring pay cycle after NINE dot ARTS® has received payment from the Client. Pay cycles occur on the 15th and last day of each month. No interest shall accrue on outstanding payments due to you. If NINE dot ARTS® does not receive payment from the Client within a reasonable time, NINE dot ARTS® will attempt to recover the Artwork from the purchaser and return it to you.

My artwork sold, should I remove it?
If you’ve sold a piece that’s on your portfolio, we encourage you not to delete it, but to leave it up on the site. Instead, just click the “No, this piece is no longer available” checkbox in the Available section (see below for reference) on the artwork’s edit page. Leaving the artwork up, allows us to better understand the breadth of your work and capabilities.

Can I upload an artwork that is not available for sale?
If you have a piece that’s not available but showcases your skill set, we encourage you to add it to the site. Just make sure to click the “No, this piece is no longer available” checkbox in the Available section on the artwork’s edit page. (See above).

Am I obligated to only sell through NINE dot ARTS® after signing up for dotfolio®?
NINE dot ARTS® is hired by its Clients to serve as an art consultant and represents its Clients. NINE dot ARTS is not your agent and does not represent you. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, NINE dot ART®S and its Website are not the exclusive means through which you may sell the Artwork made available to NINE dot ARTS® through the Website, and, subject to Section 12, you remain free to sell the Artwork to and through anyone.

How much does it cost to use dotfolio®?
Like the best things in life, dotfolio® is free!

I'm having problems using dotfolio®. What should I do?
Check out the FAQs to make sure your question isn’t one we’ve already answered.

Second, make sure you’re using a supported browser. We recommend Google Chrome, but you can also use Safari or Firefox. dotfolio is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Third, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of your browser.

Fourth, try refreshing your page.

Fifth, if nothing appears to work, please follow these steps to report the problem to us at 303-999-0383 (preferred) or help@dotfolioart.com:

Describe the issue as clearly as possible. List the steps you took to encounter the problem. ie. Signed In, navigated to my profile, clicked Edit, uploaded W9 then received the following error message

What browser and version of the browser are you using You can find your browser and version using the following link https://whatbrowser.org/

Take a screenshot of error you are seeing

Why should I work with NINE dot ARTS?
NINE dot ARTS believes in the power of original art to transform an environment into an experience. We believe in making art unavoidable in every office building, hotel, hospital, convention center, apartment complex we step foot in. We believe in paying artists fairly for their work and in helping them build long-lasting careers. We have love, excitement and energy for what we do. We are inventive in each project solution and execution. We are guided by our principles in service and leadership. We have a collective environment which supports individual growth through a team-based approach. We continually advance ourselves, our clients, our communities, and our artists. We understand and promote the power of laughter in our workplace, projects and relationships.

Does my art need to be framed?
No, NINE dot ARTS prefers to purchase unframed art as specific framing is usually required for most projects. That said, if a piece is already framed and the framing will work for a project, NINE dot ARTS may purchase the framed work. If a work is framed, please indicate such in the “Additional Information” section on that artwork and include that cost in the retail and wholesale prices as well. If the work is framed but NINE dot ARTS needs to reframe it, you are welcome to take the art out of the frame to use for a different artwork.

When can I expect NINE dot ARTS to purchase my work?
NINE dot ARTS works on a project-basis, which means that we purchase the best art to fit each project. Sometimes we find a fit right away and sometimes it takes us years to find the right project for an artist. Don’t get discouraged if we don’t sell your work right away because that doesn’t mean we aren’t trying or that we don’t like it. In the meantime, keep making great artwork and keep selling it through as many avenues (galleries, other art consulting firms, online, through your studio, etc.) as possible. For more information about making a living as an artist, check out our blog post here: http://blog.ninedotarts.com/post/131094097932/making-a-living-as-an-artist
Step 1: Accepting the terms and conditions
Users of dotfolio® have to agree to the terms and conditions in order to create a profile.

Step 2: Adding and editing your profile info
Once you’ve created an account and logged in, you’ll need to fill out your profile. Click on the “Profile” button to get started. Then click the “Edit” button on the header and fill out the form as thoroughly as you can.

Step 3: Uploading your W9
If your artwork is being sold solely through a gallery you do not need to upload a W9. Otherwise, you need to make sure to upload a W9, so that if your artwork is selected, NINE dot ARTS® can pay you. Don’t have one? Get one here. Upload a W9 by dragging and dropping your W9 from your desktop into the drag and drop area of the W9 upload section on the edit page.

Step 4: Saving your profile
Always make sure to click “Save” button at the top of your screen when making any edits to your profile.
How to add your artwork
You’ve created your profile, and now you’re ready to add your artwork. To begin click on the “Artwork” button at the top of the page. Next, click “Add Artwork”. You’ll see a drag and drop area appear on your screen. dotfolio™ makes it easy to add your entire portfolio, with a simple drag and drop or choose files from your desktop by clicking the choose file button.
Note that if you have not yet been approved by NINE dot ARTS®, you are limited to 10 artwork uploads, you will be able to upload more art after you have been approved.

Adding multiple images at once
From your desktop, select the images you want to upload to dotfolio™ and drag and drop them into the “Drag & Drop” area of the screen (see image above for reference). While the images are uploading you’ll see a loading gif on the screen. Don’t navigate away from this page while your images are uploading. Once your images are uploaded, you’ll see that they have a “Needs Info” banner on them like this:

Adding information to uploaded artworks
To add information to your artworks, click on the artwork image you want to add information to. After clicking on your artwork, you will be in your gallery view, click on the “Edit” button to add more information about your artwork. The required fields are in red, fill out the rest of the form as thoroughly as you can. Make sure to click the “Save” button at the bottom of the gallery window after making any changes.