July 17, 2023 Natalie Greenberg

Request for Qualifications: Bozeman, Montana Public Library

NINE dot ARTS and the City of Bozeman, MT are seeking qualified artists for the creation of an aerial sculpture to be installed above the Kendeda Hub Lounge at the Bozeman Public Library. The sculpture should be dynamic in form, with multidimensional viewpoints and captivating colors that draw people in. Qualifications from local Montana-based artists are highly encouraged!

Artwork will be selected by a project steering committee based on artist eligibility and fulfillment of the selection criteria detailed on page 8 of the RFQ package (available at the link below). The selected artist(s) will have a total budget of $24,684 that accounts for the artwork itself, transportation to the site, and installation.

How to Submit:

Submit your qualifications via email to agenda@bozeman.net with a subject line that clearly identifies your name, the RFP title, and the due date/time.

Find all the project details and what to include in your submission HERE. The submission deadline is Thursday, August 3rd, 2023 by 5pm MT.

Please direct administrative questions regarding proposal procedures to Mike Maas, City Clerk, at (406)-582-2321, agenda@bozeman.net

Please direct questions about the RFQ to Valeria Serrano Vélez, Curator, at (720)-491-1307, valeria@ninedotarts.com.