April 18, 2017 Nine Dot Arts

What to Do with an Art Degree

Photograph by Danae Falliers

reverse25 by Danae Falliers

What (Some) Parents Think:

  • Exhibit in a coffee shop ala Bad Art Good Walls
  • Starve or (less dramatically) live (indefinitely) in their basement
  • Serve tables
  • Drive for Uber or Lyft
  • Teach at an elementary, middle or high school
  • Abandon all hope and do something practical like marketing or graphic design


Collage by Thomas Berloffa

52E by Thomas Berloffa

What (Some) Professors Think:

  • Get an MFA or PhD
  • Work in academia
  • Rent a studio
  • Get commercial gallery representation
  • Exhibit, exhibit, exhibit
  • Have a museum retrospective


What (Actual) Artists Do:

Art by John Baldessari

Goya Series: And by John Baldessari