July 13, 2015 Nine Dot Arts

The future is now

Because we’re not content to “just” transform environments into experiences, we decided we’d get ourselves tangled up in software development, too. Yes, you read correctly: artsy-types have been developing software. For the past year and some change, we’ve been toiling, testing and problem-solving like it’s our job to streamline all the myriad, disparate and complicated facets of our business into a single, online location that’s better for us, for artists and galleries and, ultimately, our clients. That place, while it may seem like the equivalent of a Utopian unicorn, is dotfolio. We’ve trademarked it and everything!

What is dotfolio?

Equal parts online artist database, procurement system, CRM tool, dotfolio is all things Nine dot Arts, meaning it’s how we’re going to: search for and propose artists for projects; provide transparent access to artists about where their work is in our 9-step process; present our ideas to our clients; create client invoices; issue purchase orders; and process artist invoices. It’s a one-stop shop that’s beautifully designed and intuitive to use thanks to the code wizzes at Cirro. It will revolutionize not only the way we do business but also the speed at which it gets done. This may just be the biggest thing to hit the art consulting world since David Rockefeller hired Dorothy Miller as the first corporate art advisor for One Chase Plaza.

What dotfolio means for you



dotfolio is an online artist database for Nine dot Arts. Created specifically with artists in mind, dotfolio gives artists unprecedented, streamlined access to our curation process. Whenever we select an art piece for a project brainstorm session or when it moves into a proposal, a little banner on the image of that piece will show in the top left corner.

dotfolio also gives the entire Nine dot Arts team access to the same information in real time. dotfolio allows artists to intuitively and easily edit your profile, upload documents and drag and drop images in one place for free. (Rest assured that dotfolio is really and truly free to use.) Artists can assign artwork to the gallery we can purchase it from or let us know if we buy directly through their studio, tag artworks by medium or style and provide any and all pertinent information about each work such as sizing, pricing, availability, if it is part of an edition, etc.


Galleries/Artist Representatives:

As dotfolio stands now, only artists can have profiles. That said, an artist representative (i.e. a gallery) can create a profile with contact information, images, and artwork info on behalf on an artist. Each artwork has a “Who do we purchase this art from?” section. We will always purchase an artwork from the appropriate channel, including the gallery.


As always, we rely on artists to tell us who we purchase a piece from as we do not know everyone’s contracts/agreements. Often we know which artists are at what what galleries, but we also know things can change. If an artist creates her own profile, she is responsible for letting us know where we purchase her art. Galleries may opt to create and manage a profile for each of its artists, that way the gallery can have 100% control of the information we see. If a gallery takes this route, it will need to create a unique email address for each artist’s profile.


Clients will now receive extra-pretty-across-the-board-consistently-formatted proposals from us. We’ll send clients a link to an art proposal complete with floor plans, art locations and pricing (all in one document!!) Clients can then request changes or approve the proposal as is. Our invoices and art detail sheets will now be combined in a single document. Gone are the days of 4 email attachments from us that you need several monitors to view at once. Simple, streamlined, easy to look at – seemingly basic but in the end game-changing solutions to make buying art that much better.


The Low Down

dotfolio will be the only way Nine dot Arts will create proposals and issue purchase orders in the near future. We know change can be scary, but we’re really working the same way we always have, just in a more efficient manner. dotfolio is internal facing to Nine dot Arts. Only what we decide to show in a proposal will be external facing (just as it is now): image, artist, title, medium, size, price. Other artists, galleries, consultants and clients do not have access to the back end of the system.

Reality Check

We’ve learned that software development never really ends. We thank you in advance for your help as we wrangle this technology and adjust to it. We already have a hefty wishlist of features to add for dotfolio 2.0; please know we are here to answer any questions, field your feedback, listen, and, most importantly, to place art.

Tips for optimal dotfolio use:

dotfolio works best with Google Chrome and is not compatible with Internet Explorer. If you’ve made a change to your profile or artwork but don’t see it saved, please give the page time to load. If you still don’t see a change, refresh your page.

I’m having problems using dotfolio. What should I do?

Check out the FAQs to make sure your question isn’t one we’ve already answered.

Second, make sure you’re using a supported browser. We recommend Google Chrome, but you can also use Safari or Firefox. dotfolio is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Third, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of your browser.

Fourth, try refreshing your page.

Fifth, if nothing appears to work, please follow these steps to report the problem to us at 303-999-0383 (preferred) or help@dotfolioart.com:

1. Describe the issue as clearly as possible.

2. List the steps you took to encounter the problem.

ie. Signed In, navigated to my profile, clicked Edit, uploaded W9 then received the following error message

3. What browser and version of the browser are you using

You can find your browser and version using the following link http://whatbrowser.org

4. Take a screenshot of error you are seeing

Does the art listed on dotfolio need to be framed?

No, NINE dot ARTS prefers to purchase unframed art as specific framing is usually required for most projects. That said, if a piece is already framed and the framing will work for a project, NINE dot ARTS may purchase the framed work. If a work is framed, please indicate such in the “Additional Information” section on that artwork and include that cost in the retail and wholesale prices as well. If the work is framed but NINE dot ARTS needs to reframe it, you are welcome to take the art out of the frame to use for a different artwork.
When can I expect NINE dot ARTS to purchase my work?

NINE dot ARTS works on a project-basis, which means that we purchase the best art to fit each project. Sometimes we find a fit right away and sometimes it takes us years to find the right project for an artist. Don’t get discouraged if we don’t sell your work right away because that doesn’t mean we aren’t trying or that we don’t like it. In the meantime, keep making great artwork and keep selling it through as many avenues (galleries, other art consulting firms, online, through your studio, etc.) as possible. For more information about making a living as an artist, check out our blog post here.

What do artists say about NINE dot ARTS? 

“Nine dot Arts put me in a higher tax bracket this year. And that’s a really good thing for an artist.”– Phil Bender, Artist

“I do business with art representatives internationally, and have been so impressed by Nine Dot Arts since the beginning. They have energy, integrity and a very keen eye. They have a high level of professionalism and a very forward – thinking vision for the business.”– Danae Falliers, Artist

“Nine dot Arts has sold my work for over five years. I have observed over the years that they aren’t interested in merely hanging art on the wall, getting paid and leaving the job site. Rather, they have a deeply considered vision that is carried out throughout a project and they search out art and artists which speak to their creative goals. This creative process of theirs has forced me to push my art further than I would have on my own or, for that matter, than I do with the other art consultants I work with. They have also created a rather competitive world around their projects and I believe that has made many artists also push themselves to create their best work. I value my relationship with Nine dot Arts very much and can’t imagine the art scene without them.”– Paul Brokering, Artist