November 20, 2022 Natalie Greenberg

Virtual Artist Biz Workshops by Amelia Furman

Colorado based artist Amelia Furman has been running her own business for more than 12 years, learning valuable lessons along the way that have helped her significantly increase profits. Now, she’s sharing her lessons learned to help other creatives navigate the challenges of managing an art business, from marketing your artwork to mastering commissions. 

Learn more about her workshop recordings and course materials below and visit her website to book a class!

All workshops are 90 minutes via Zoom, with 45 minutes of presentation time and 45 minutes of group discussion among 8-10 participants. 

Marketing 101: Learn basic principles on sharing and selling your artwork, including how to connect with customers using a service mindset and a “give” methodology. Walk away with newfound confidence, plus valuable principles and techniques to help you grow your art business from a side hustle into a full-time career.

The Heart of Your Art: Everyone’s art “says” something.  Sometimes it’s clear to us what we’re trying to convey, and other times it’s harder to grasp. This workshop is for artists who are ready to start understanding why they create what they create and how they can develop a style that is consistent and true to who they are. Participants will learn valuable questions to ask themselves to reveal a common thread in their artwork, as well as how to protect their voice and style from outside influence. 

Artist Statements: This workshop is for artists who are feeling “stuck” in their artist statement writing or haven’t yet begun. Participants will receive instruction on how to develop a statement that is professional yet sounds like “you,” as well as how to utilize your statement through various marketing channels.

Offering Commissions: This webinar covers the “do’s and don’ts” of creating commissioned artwork, from setting boundaries with clients to developing a schedule that allows you to maintain a steady stream of income. Amelia Furman has been creating commissions as part of her art business for more than a decade, working directly with private buyers and with consultants like NINE dot ARTS.

Stay tuned for more workshops and learning opportunities with Amelia Furman!