• NINE dot ARTS© has sold my work for over five years. I have observed over the years that they aren’t interested in merely hanging art on the wall, getting paid and leaving the job site. Rather, they have a deeply considered vision that is carried out throughout a project and they search out art and artists which speak to their creative goals. This creative process of theirs has forced me to push my art further than I would have on my own or with the other art consultants I work with.

    Paul Brokering, Artist
  • NINE dot ARTS© put me in a higher tax bracket this year. And that’s a really good thing for an artist.

    Phil Bender, Artist
  • I do business with art representatives internationally and have been so impressed by NINE dot ARTS© since the beginning. They have energy, integrity, and a very keen eye. They have a high level of professionalism and a very forward – thinking vision for the business.

    Danae Falliers, Artist