February 10, 2023 Natalie Greenberg

With Art We Protest

Community Art Project

As a women-founded, women-owned, and women-operated business, NINE dot ARTS is deeply troubled by the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, a ruling that will disproportionately impact people of color and lower income individuals. We are organizing a community art project to bring national attention to the injustice of this ruling and to promote an individual’s right to choose. 

As a visual representation of the profound effects of outlawing safe abortion access, we invite you to participate in our community art project, which will be unveiled in a display of collective dissent and open to all project participants and the general public (Date and location to be announced).


A collective piece of protest art, made up of individual stories. The idea for the art installation is flexible in terms of material limits. We aim to work with the movement and not against it. Some suggested materials include:

  • Clothing – a representation of personhood and bodily autonomy 
  • Paint, marker, thread, or any medium of expression to cover the clothes in words and/or images of protest


To make a unified statement of dissent while honoring the resilience of those most impacted by this ruling


We welcome participation from anyone who wants to band together and make our voices heard. You do not have to be an artist to participate. We hope you will join in and share this opportunity with your networks!


  • Create your protest art using some combination of the materials above.
  • Mail or deliver your artwork to the NINE dot ARTS Headquarters at 3734 Osage Street, Denver, CO, 80211. NINE dot ARTS will store your artwork at our headquarters and transport it to the capitol building prior to the unveiling.
  • Complete this form after you have mailed or dropped off your artwork. 


  • By participating in this project, you agree to allow NINE dot ARTS to photograph and share your artwork in any manner, such as for public-facing marketing and educational purposes.
  • Participation in this project is voluntary. NINE dot ARTS will not compensate participants for materials, time, or shipping, nor will the artwork be used in any NINE dot ARTS client collections. 
  • NINE dot ARTS is not responsible for any damages that may occur during shipping, storage, installation, or display. 
  • All artwork submissions will be kept by NINE dot ARTS and will not be returned to the participant.