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Beyond the Studio: Teaching the Business of Art

Congratulations! You’ve made it through a rigorous MFA program, pouring countless hours into perfecting your skills as an artist. You graduate and suddenly find yourself among the most talented creatives in the world.

Or perhaps you didn’t pursue formal training, yet you’ve worked tirelessly to become a respected artist that produces some of the most dynamic work anyone has ever seen.

Either way, the good news is you have the foundation for a great career. The next question is what does your business acumen look like? Are you able to create a sustainable business to continue to share your artwork with the world? Read more

Behind the Scenes of The Elizabeth Hotel

Working with corporate clients can be a daunting process for many artists, but it can also open up opportunities to develop new works of art that are often influenced by the uniqueness of a place or space. When your artwork is incorporated into a curated art program, you not only get more exposure as an artist, but also the chance to see how your artwork can add value to a larger narrative. Read more

Shantell Martin Creates Her Largest Installation to Date

Over here at NINE dot ARTS, we get the opportunity to work with some pretty darn amazing artists every day. But this fall, we may have developed an extra-serious girl crush on the one and only Shantell Martin when we brought her to Denver to create her largest installation to date. Read more

dotfolio: A Primer for Galleries

laser cut book by Michael Mandiberg

Michael Mandiberg FDIC Insured (First National Bank of Nevada, Reno, NV, July 25, 2008), 2009-2016, Laser cut found book, Denny Gallery, New York, New York

If you’ve been around the art block, chances are you’ve experienced your fair share of shady buyers, opaque interactions and general market inconsistencies. The art world: you could say it’s The Wild West of our time. At NINE dot ARTS, however, we believe not only in the power of art to change the world for the better but also in doing things the right way, which means holding ourselves, our clients and everyone we work with to the highest standards of integrity and transparency. And because we like efficiency and generally making life easier for as many people as possible, we’ve spent the better part of three-plus (emphasis on the plus) years developing a web-based app with the lovely lads of Cirro to be an online, one-stop shop, end-all-be-all art sales platform for our valued gallery and artist partners. Enter: dotfolio!

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The future is now

Because we’re not content to “just” transform environments into experiences, we decided we’d get ourselves tangled up in software development, too. Yes, you read correctly: artsy-types have been developing software. For the past year and some change, we’ve been toiling, testing and problem-solving like it’s our job to streamline all the myriad, disparate and complicated facets of our business into a single, online location that’s better for us, for artists and galleries and, ultimately, our clients. That place, while it may seem like the equivalent of a Utopian unicorn, is dotfolio. We’ve trademarked it and everything!
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